April's Kittens

April (momma kitty) is 1 year old. She came to us from a kill shelter in GA with her two kittens, May and June. She gladly took in Chubbs, an orphan who needed a mommy.

April was infested with tapeworms and super skinny (she didn't think she could even produce milk, but she did)! Her and her 2 biological babies all had ear mites, and since Chubbs was taken in by them he got them as well (they are super contagious little flea like things-GROSS!).

Mom and all 3 babies have had multiple worming treatments, have had Ivermectin for the ear mites and need regular cleaning with cleanser to get rid of all the ear mite debris. The babies are now being treated for Upper Respiratory Infections and Mom for a skin infection.

Please help us cover the cost of these vet charges. It may not amount to much in this case, but in so many others it does and every little bit you can give helps more than you may think! Thank you for your generosity!