Update 9/21/11:

Aries went to a foster to adopt home today with a loving family of four. They are going to nurse her back to health and then adopt her when she's 100 percent healthy. This is wonderful news for Aries

We received a phone call that a 2 year old pure breed yellow lab was in a neglectful situation. The family member indicated that this dog, Aries needed to be surrendered to a rescue group tonight or she was going to call and report the family with animal cruelty. We agreed to take her in, not knowing her medical condition or the cost. The only word that we heard was "NEGLECTFUL". Her owner brought her to me last night and I was truly saddened at what I saw. One look into her eyes and I could see her pain and suffering. I was told that she was just bathed with Murphy's oil soap. I think that this family thought that it would help her get rid of her flea infestation, but I am not sure.

I took some photo's of her, while trying to understand why she was in this horrible condition. The owner said that she had seen a Vet and that they said that Aries had skin allergies and that she was treated at the end of March. When there wasn't improvement and she started to decline physically, they did not have the funds to take her in for a follow up appointment. I put flea treatment on her back while I watched the numerous fleas jumping around. I knew that I would have take her to the Vet immediately but had to wait until morning to set up the appointment.

I took her to Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora the next afternoon where she was seen by Dr Kadlek. She did an examination, a skin scrape, and another type of skin test. Aries was diagnosed with an allergy to fleas, Sarcoptic mange, and a secondary skin infection. This poor girl was whimpering and itching during this entire visit. The mange is so itchy that is is causing sores all over her body. She has a lot of fur missing and her skin is raw. When you touch her it feels very rough and dry. We purchased some medicated shampoo and were told to bathe her with it and to let it soak for 15 minutes. This will hopefully give this sweet girl some mild relief. We were given 4 different medications as well as a pill which will immediately kill off any fleas that she has. The flea situation was only making her condition a lot worse.

For those of you that do not know what Sarcoptic mange, it is microscopic mites which can invade the skin of healthy dogs or puppies and create a variety of skin problems. The most common of which is hair loss and severe itching. While they will infect other animals and even humans. As the infection worsens it can spread over the entire body. Small red pustules often develop along with yellow crusts on the skin. Because of the severe itching and resultant scratching, the skin soon becomes traumatized and a variety of sores and infections can develop as a result. Aries has a bad case of mange, but with proper medication she is on the road to a healthy recovery.

Aries is an extremely friendly, loving, and sweet young Lab. She will make a great family pet, once she has recovered from this ordeal. She will be put up for adoption, so please keep that in mind when reading this. This girl did not deserve to be left untreated for months. She is underweight by at least 7-10 pounds and is in a lot of pain. Please consider helping with her vet costs which are currently at $183.00. This covered her visit, medication, and her spay. She will need a recheck in 2 weeks as well as a rabies vaccination. We will update the chipin after her 2nd Vet visit. Thank you for caring enough about Aries to make a donation towards her care.