Update 1/6/11

Avalon had to go to the Vet again because he had little scabs and some sort of irritation on his stomach as well as his chest. We took him to Gerber Small Animal Hospital in N. Falls and found out that he is allergic to fleas. The doctor there gave him an injection of an antibiotic so that he would stop itching. We also put a flea treatment on him so that he wouldn't have this problem again. Poor little guy...His bill this time came to $73.00. Please help out if you can.

Avalon, the very friendly Jack Russell dog came to our rescue group from a kill shelter in Ohio. From the first day we got him, he had an Upper Respitory Infection. We also noticed that he had dry flaky skin. We took him to Dr. Duanif's office in E. Aurora where he was given a Depo Medro Injection along, antibiotics, and a special shampoo to help with his skin. His vet visit came to $93.00 so if anyone could help out with his vet bill then we would greatly appreciate it.