Baby Girl

Update 8/6/11

Baby Girl went back to 5 Corners for her scheduled surgery to be spayed and to have her much needed dental work done. Her lump did not go away therefore it had to be removed. By doing so, they had to remove 2 of her nipples. They also had to give her a shunt (as shown in the photo) so that the fluids could drain. Poor Baby girl was miserable after her surgery. She had dental done, was spayed, and had a tumor removed. They gave her some pain med's to take home as well as an antibiotic to prevent infection. She had to wear a cone for 10 days so that she couldn't lick or bite at her incision area.

She did manage to get her shunt out prior to going to the Vet for her recheck, but all in all it was healing nicely. We took her back to the Vet today to get the stitches removed. Baby Girl was sooooo excited to have her cone off. She was smiling and wagging her tail in the waiting room, and jumpimg on people as she happily greeted them. This is the most excited we have ever seen a dog at the Vet's office. Baby Girl is healthy now and has been given the okay to be listed for adoption. If anyone is interested in adopting her, please contact us. If you cannot adopt her but would like to help contribute towards her very costly Vet bill of $698 then that would be wonderful! We thank you for all the help you can offer. The services performed were as followed: Propoful induction, teeth cleaning/polishing, IV infusion pump, IV fluids with surgery, Preaneshesia medication, spay, IV catheter, hospitilization, gas anesthesia, in surgery EKG/pulse oximetry monitor, Rimadyl chewables, extra suture packs, and mastectomy.

Thank you to 5 Corners Animal Hospital at for your excellent care for treating Baby Girl! You did an amazing job with her!

Baby Girl is a 5-6 year old small-medium breed Spitz mix who came to us from WV. They originally told us that she was pregnant, but we later found out that she is just "chubby" and needs to lose a little weight. We recently took her to 5 Corners Animal Hospital in Orchard Park because she was itching really bad (even after flea treatment was applied) and she had missing fur patches around her eyes, legs, and neck. She also didn't have a HW test so we wanted to get that done just to make sure she was healthy and could be spayed.

At 5 Corners they did the HW test which was NEGATIVE...woohoo. Did an exam and found a lump in her breast tissue so they extracted some fluids from it. They will let us know if they think that its possibly cancer or maybe just a lump due to her being in heat. Her ears were very dirty so we did an ear smear. Come to find out she has yeast in her ears so we got ear drops for that. They also did a skin scrape to see if they could find mange. None was detected, but sarcoptic mange is usually very difficult to find. We ended up getting her Revolution which is applied to her skin every 2-3 weeks. This should help her stop itching. We also got her an antibiotic to help with that as well as Cephalexin.

Baby Girl is very sweet! We cant imagine that she came to us because she was "unwanted". She loves everyone and really craves human attention. She is not ready to be spayed yet but when she is we will have that done. She also needs dental work done because her teeth are chipped and look very bad. Poor girl needs extensive work done.

The Vet bill and transport costs came to a total of $302.00 and this is not including her spay and dental. Please help us pay for her bills so that we can get the money together to pay for her other much needed vetting. Any amount will help us and we are truly grateful. Especially baby girl :)