Bambi had her first HW treatment injection a month ago which cost our rescue group $113.00. She then recently had a series of 2 injections one after the other, two days apart. The first shot did cause some discomfort so on the second day we got some pain medication for Bambi. She has finalized her treatment which then cost us another $247.00. We have her spay appointment coming up which will be an additional $85.00. Poor Bambi has been through a lot of crate rest lately and hasn't been able to run and play. We really need to raise money for her Vet bills so that we can treat others like hers. Please help if you can! Thank you.

Bambi recently went to Seneca Animal Hospital because we were told that she was Heart Worm positive. Poor Bambi not only had her own set of puppies but was then given another set after she weaned those ones. Bambi took in those abandoned puppies, but her health took it's toll.

She has loss of fur due to stress and neglect. Since she has been with our rescue group and has been separated from her foster puppies, she is doing better. She was also emaciated when we got her. She is gaining weight and is happy as can be. We don't think that she would be so happy if she knew that she was Heart Worm positive and has to have some very painful injections that will help her overcome those heart worms.

While at the vet's office we found out that she also tested positive for Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is tick-borne. Even through all of this, Bambi wags her tail, hugs you, and loves everyone! We will get her through this tough time, if you can help with her vet fees which currently total $125.00. We will update you of her progress and will add to her chipin amount the next time she goes to visit the vet. As of know she has had one Interceptor pill along with some Doxcycline to help her on her way to recovery.