Bear is a cute little Pekignese/Shepherd mix doggie who came to our rescue group from a high kill shelter. We didn't want him put down so we agreed to take him even though he was not neutered and had not received a Heart Worm test yet. We took him for his neuter and found out that he was Heart Worm positive. Poor little guy....he had been through so much already and now he faced Heart Worm treatment.

We set up his appointment at 5 Corners Animal Hospital in Orchard Park which is one of our group of vet's that we use. They did a Radiograph, CBC, and Heart Worm treatment. Luckily, when Bear went back for his final treatment, it had worked. All of the worms were gone and he could move on with his life in a new home. Bear did just that! He has been adopted into a great home and is happy as can be lounging on the couch which is what he likes to do best.

Please help pay for Bear's treatments so that we can continue to take on dogs who need medical work done. These dogs would normally be euthanized from the kill shelters due to the costs of the treatment. This is one dog that didn't have to be!!