Update 12/14/10

Hi Folks,
A short video of Bear playing with his new pal Sprout.
Bear is doing great. He plays with Sprout, still a little shy with Autumn, likes to smell the cat and has even got on the bed to nap! He still sleeps a lot, but I don't think he is used to the workout Sprout gives him. He has to be coaxed outside for his morning duties now since he has discovered the bed. He had an ear infection, which he is being treated for, and now he doesn't mind his head being petted. He went for a walk in which he met his neighborhood dog friends and the kids around here. He was very good on a lead, but doesn't like the cold! He mostly enjoys the food that Autumn Gives him from her highchair! Enjoy the video, take care!

The day that Bear, the 6 year old Shepherd/Chow was surrendered to our rescue group, all I could do is cry. I was looking at a dog who had lost hope, happiness, and love. He had fur missing, a terrible odor, walked with his tail between his legs, had open sores on his body, all while holding his head down. We figured that Bear had mange and took him to the Vet immediately the next morning. Seneca Animal Hospital did a skin scrape and informed us that he had Sarcoptic mange and a secondary infection. This means that he had microscopic mites living underneath his skin. The mites use small suckers on their legs to hold onto their hosts. After mating, the female mites burrow into the skin. They use their jaws and front legs to cut the skin. Bear was given anti-itching med's, an antibiotic, and treatment to kill the mange that he had all over his body. He was sad, confused, in pain, and itching so bad that he was gnawing on his legs. We gave Bear a bath and the water was black. Not only was his skin flaking off, but he was dirty from living outside. The collar that he was wearing was crusted black underneath. We did a thorough shampoo wash and then used a medicated leave on lotion to help with his severely dry tree-bark like skin. Bear had to be separated from other dogs and have limited contact with people due to the contagiousness of his condition. He was crated for 3 weeks and then recently went to a new home where his foster mom is taking great care of him. After another week or two, we will post updated photo's of this handsome boy. He is starting to frolic in the snow and chase after the other dogs. He is no longer holding his head down and really looks forward to his food and treats. He used to bury his food in his crate with his blanket so that no one could take it. He now knows that he will get fed twice a day and has stopped hiding it. We love Bear and are very happy that we could give him a second chance at a happy life! Please help us pay for his Vet care, food, shampoo, and other supplies needed to make him a happy boy again.