Meet Becca, a purebred female Rottweiler. She is estimated at 6 years old, however looks older. This poor dog was over-bred for three years before living in a neglectful, and suspected abusive, home. She then was given away for free on Craigslist to a family that really weren't educated in canine care but noticed something wasn't right.

Becca was brought to Petsmart in Orchard Park and one of the trainers saw her and immediately took action. Becca was taken to Banfield Pet Hospital where Dr. Roberts checked her out. She was completely emaciated with nails overgrown and teeth full of plaque and tarter. She was diagnosed with pneumonia (from aspiration), painful arthritis in her back end, and horrible diarrhea. She was also very dehydrated and her breathing very labored. She barely even resembles a Rottie at this point.

Our Kitty Coordinator, by chance, had an appointment and was filled in on Becca's story. We quickly decided to take her into our shelter's care and do whatever we could to finally let this sweet girl be a dog and enjoy life. She was given fluids, two antibiotics and a prescription diet. We know nothing of her medical history, so she will need a full work-up to assess her complete health.

Becca has only been in our care one day, but already has stolen our hearts. She has the sweetest disposition and is so very gentle. Our hearts break for all the pain she has had to endure throughout her life. We will update when we know more about her medically, but at the moment she is not up for adoption until we can fully assess her health.

In the meantime, please give what you can to help us afford to give Becca the medical care she needs and way overdue. Every dollar helps!

Update: We took Becca back to the vet as her breathing was not improving. They took another chest x-ray and our nightmares were confirmed...she had very aggressive lung cancer:( It had gotten worse in less than a week. We had to make the decision to put her out of her was the saddest thing to do but we had to do what was best for her as she was in so much pain. This poor girl didn't have much of a life until she went to her foster home for a few short days...and in those short days she was spoiled, loved, hugged and treated how she deserved to be treated.

Becca was only in our care for less than a week, but she was so very loved. With all she was put through she never stopped being the sweetest dog. We will miss you dearly, sweet Rebecca. Please help other animals in need, by donating in memory of Becca.