Chalulu is a sweet 4 month old English Springer Spaniel mix puppy who was given away on the side of the road. The nice man that took her with him was told that she was hit by a car. We took her to Seneca Animal Hospital so that her front leg could be examined. Dr. Figis took an X-Ray and found that she had two broken bones. He said that it was an older injury and that it was not painful at this time. He knew this because he gently squeezed her leg and bent it without Chalulu showing any signs of discomfort.

Although she is limping and not baring much weight on it, Dr Figis said that we should wait a month to see how it heals. She will most likely always have a slight limp, but why put her through surgery if it is not necessary. At that point if she is still having issues or it seems to be bothering her then we will have to contact a surgeon to see what can be done for her.

This sweet little girl was left to live outside, was hit by a car and never treated which we are sure at that time caused lots of pain, and was given away for free to anyone who wanted her. Please show her love by either fostering, adopting, or helping towards her current Vet bill of $113.00. Her upcoming spay will be an additional $85.00 making her total costs $198.00. We will do everything possible to keep her safe, warm, and happy. Please make a contribution today!