Update 1/6/11:

Champ went to the Vet's office for a back to back HW injection. He took the first shot okay although he whimpered in the car ride on his way back home. The second shot was a little more difficult. He laid in the backseat screaming from pain and had difficulty walking for the first hour after his shot. We are glad that he doesn't have to go through this treatment anymore. He is free of all Heart Worm's now and is ready to be adopted! Yah..... His Vet cost's were an additional $80 which we have added to his chipin. Please help us raise money for his treatment so that we can help out another HW positive dog.

Update 12/7/10:

Champ went to the vet today for his first injection. He took it like a "champ" no pun intended. He was a really good boy. He even tried driving himself home as you can see in the photo. His injection cost $160. Please help if you can!

Champ is a male 3-4 year old Pit Bull mix dog who came to us from a kill shelter in Ohio. We were told that he was physically and possibly sexually abused. He had scars and cuts all over his body, had a prostate infection as well as damage to his anus, and a problem with either one or both of his rear legs. He had blood and puss coming out of his jaw and rectum.

On top of this he is Heart Worm positive! Despite all that he has endured, Champ is an amazingly sweet and loving dog! He aims to please his owner, loves other dogs, and loves children. When he was at the Vet today, he saw two kittens being held by their owners. He looked up at them and cried because he wanted to meet them.

We took him in to do an additional HW test, have him microchipped, get him on Advantix flea treatment, and to have an overall health check. He saw Dr. Kadlek at Seneca Animal Hospital. She said that he has some sort of residual trauma to his hind legs. We are going to take him next week to start his Heart Worm treatment, he will then wait a month and will be given two treatments back to back. If he is still having issues with his legs at that time then we will have an X-Ray done.

They gave him Interceptor and he will continue on an antibiotic to weaken the Heart Worms. Once Champ has finished his Heart Worm treatment then he will be up for adoption. We are currently trying to raise $150 for his first Vet visit and will add to the chipin after he has his second and third visit. Thanks for helping this sweet boy!