Update 6/1/11

After everything Chanilla has been through, we just found out that the sending shelter made an error on her Vet paperwork and that she is not spayed. The new owner contacted us and said that she was bleeding. She was concerned that maybe they did a partial spay. When we requested further documentation from the shelter, they indicated that she was too sick at the time and that they made a mistake. Now Chanilla has to go under anesthesia for a 3rd time, when we could have already had it done the second time around. Poor Chanilla......It is going to be an additional $85 to have this done so we have added it to her chipin. If everyone can help out by donating even $5 then maybe we can get everything paid for. Thanks so much!

Update 4/12/11

We recently took Chanilla to the Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center with a recommendation from our primary Vet so that she could have a scope done of her chest to find out why she wasn't getting any better. Her condition at this point was chronic bronchitis/rhinitis.

When we first went to the Vet's office they gave us the choice of euthanizing or doing further testing to see what the problem was and if she could be helped. We opted to have her tested! While there they put her under anesthesia they did an X-ray, a culture test of the mucous in her throat and chest, as well as a flush and a scope. A scope is a camera that they insert into her mouth, down her throat and into her chest so that they they are able to see if she has any obstructions that is causing her to not heal properly. The culture test consisted of three parts. A test for bacteria, organism (mycoplasma), and fungal. All three tests later came back NEGATIVE.

The Vet came to the conclusion that she has chronic damage to her lungs either from being sick for so long or for not being treated sooner. They said that she can live a happy life but will always have congestion and snuffles. We are happy that we were able to do these tests and to finally get answers as to why the various medications were not working for her. She is up for adoption and we are currently trying to raise the funds that we paid for her testing. Please help out as much as you can. Her life is worth every penny!

The total of the operation came to $1471.

Update 3/2/11

The Vet contacted us that Chanilla's culture and sensitivity test came back. She tested positive for Staph, E. coli, and another infection that is not common. Staph infection is a skin disease that can be caused by a variety of factors such as allergies, emotional stress, poor immune system, etc..). E. Coli is a normal inhabitant of the digestive tract of pets, or at least it is found frequently when it does not appear to be the cause of any problem. However, certain strains of E. coli do consistently cause problems and other strains can cause problems when the conditions are right.

These are susceptible to the medication called Simplicef. We have started her on this medication in the hopes that she will finally start to get better. The medication came to $40.00 which we have added to her chipin.

Update 2/25/11

Chanilla wasn't getting over her Pneumonia after being on medication for a month so we took her back to the Vet for a 2nd X-Ray. We also had her nasal passages flushed, as well as a culture and sensitivity test done. The X-Ray showed us that although she had some slight changes in some areas that she wasn't any better.

We are still waiting for the results of her tests to find out what kind of "bug" that she has in her system and which medications will help her to get better. Once we get the results in then she will be placed on the proper medication needed. Her Vet bill for all of this was $505.00. Please help us find out what is wrong with her so that she can get healthy! We have added this amount to her already existing chipin. Thank you.
Update 2/9/11

We took Chanilla to the Vet today. She was given a new medication to try since Baytrill isn't working. They prescribed her Doxycycline. We also had to do an ear smear because she had a lot of gook in her ears. The smear showed that she did have an ear infection so they gave her Tresaderm drops. This visit came to $94.00. We have added it to the chipin.

Chanilla is a 1 year old female Lab/Pit mix dog who came to us from a kill shelter in Ohio. The photo's were taken at this particular shelter. They told us that they were going to put her down because she was sick and that they couldn't afford X-Rays of her chest. Our rescue group said that we would pay for it so that they would be able to find out what was going wrong with her. After we paid the $150, they told us that she had Pneumonia. We do not know how long that she had it, but she needed to be treated immediately. They gave her some med's but told us that she wasn't getting any better and that we needed to take her in right away.

Even though she was sick, we agreed to take her. The day after she arrived we took her to our Vet where they gave her Baytrill. The office visit and medication came to $99.00. Chanilla is such a sweet and loving girl. Even though she is sick, she is full of kisses and lots of love. We want her to get healthy so that she can be adopted out to a great home. She deserves to live! Please help out our rescue group so that we can continue to help others like her.