Cooper is a very sweet 4-5 year old dog who was originally adopted through us and then returned. When he came back he had a rather large growth on his side. The owner's did not want to pay to have it removed being that they did not know if they were going to keep him or not.

In any case, we immediately took him to the Vet to have it removed as it looked uncomfortable. The Vet at Seneca Animal Hospital said that it was not cancerous but being that it had grown from a small pea size growth to one of this size that he needed to have it removed.

Cooper stayed for a partial day hospital stay, was given anesthesia, sedation, and received Novox medication to be given after the surgery. We are happy to report that the growth is now removed and that he has healed just fine :) Please help us cover the Vet bill of $227.00. If it weren't for the generous donations that we receive, these procedures would not be possible. So once again thank you for your support!