This is Corey. He was just a few months old when he became very ill. This little pup, the runt of his litter, came to our shelter with a deadly virus and unfortunately he was not outwardly sick. He was active and eating and going to the bathroom with his siblings. When he started acting less energetic and not eating he was immediately brought to the vet hospital.

Little Corey tested positive for Parvovirus, a serious infection that can be deadly to pups. Corey stayed at the hospital for 2 full days before being released for home care. He was to receive 3 different medications, Rx food and subcutaneous fluids daily.

Unfortunately, only hours after leaving the hospital Corey stopped breathing. He was given CPR but it did not work. This lovable little pup succumbed to this was just too much for his little body to handle. Little Corey may have left our physical world, but his memory will live on in the many lives he touched in his very short life's journey.

There are many pups each year that we receive with this deadly virus. We are able to save the majority of them when they are strong enough. Unfortunately the costs for the care is well into the thousands for each puppy. Please help us pay for Corey's vet bills which will help us to also care for the many other animals, young and old, that come into our care.

We love and miss you Corey!