Update 11/15/11:
Dawn purchased another two crates because they were on sale and we couldn't beat the price of $130 for 2 crates sizes 42 and 48. We have added this amount to the total amount paid. Please help us cover these costs, we can always use these types of crates. We also accept donations of new and used crates, if anyone is willing to donate them to us! Thank you as always...your friends at BPC :)

Dawn, our VP was out shopping and came across a great deal on 4 crates that were in desperate need of. We didn't want to use BPC money because we are low on funds, so she paid for it using her own money. Thank you Dawn!!! Once we raise enough to pay for the Life Stages crates, then we will be able to pay her back.

Many of our crates that we have had for a long time are bent, the bars falling off, the latches broke, the crate pans chewed up, the doors ruined from larger stronger dogs pulling at them. It was time to replace these crates so that we can keep the doggies safe and secure. We got all 4 crates (in which 2 were X-L) for only $235. They were purchased at Pet Supplies Plus in Cheektowaga.

Please help us pay our VP back! We appreciate any amont $1, $3, $5, $10.....Thanks again for your support.