Update 5/10/12:
Dana was finally able to be spayed. It came to over $300 due to her size, but the adopter paid a portion of it and our rescue group paid a portion. We ended up paying $150.00. She is now healthy, happy, and fully vetted. She will never be homeless and have to roam the streets ever again. Please help by donating $5, $10, $15, $20. Every amount helps us to reach our goal.

Update 9/28/11:
One of our fosters said that he contacted his Vet at Suburban South Veterinary Hospital in Depew, NY and that they had the Immiticide that Dana needed for her treatment. We were sooo excited that we immediately called and set up her appointment. The Vet said that he needed to do an Xray to see how bad her heart worm infestation was as well as a blood count. He told us that she was going to get back to back injections in the beginning of her treatment because they didn't have enough of the product to do 3 injections that she would normally have.

Dana's back fur was shaved and she was given her first injection. It went well without any bad reactions. We were shown a video of the heart worms moving around in her blood. It was disturbing to know that she had this for so long and was never tested or treated. We were told that she would need to come back the next day for her second injection and that she would need Ivermectin in a month to kill off any baby worms. She went back to the Vet for her 2nd injection without any issues. Dana is now on crate rest which is both difficult for us and for her. She can only go to the bathroom and then back to her crate while she is going through this dangerous treatment process.

Her total Vet bills for her physical exam, hospitalization stay, doctor's care, imaging services as well as radiographic view, Immiticide, CBC blood count, and Ivermectin injection came to $726.00. We have added this to her chipin amount and hope that we can raise all of the funds needed to get this very sweet and loving dog healthy again!

We received a phone call about a pure breed St. Bernard that wasn't properly being cared for, so we took her that day! Dana's owner dropped her off for 2 month's at a friend's house so that he could watch her. It was only supposed to be a week, but you know how that goes. Then the friend found out that Dana's owner was going to prison and would be gone for at least 5 years. Our group agreed to take her in knowing that she didn't have any vetting, wasn't spayed, was dirty, and full of burs. She was living basically outside and was left alone for 16 hours a day.

During that time she got hit by a motorcycle and ended up in a ditch. We were told that she cried for a couple of days and then was fine. When she arrived, her fur was soo badly matted that her tail was stuck to her leg. She was very uncomfortable and needed to have a lot of her tail and back end fur cut off. Her nails were so overgrown that they were almost digging into her paws. Our VP Dawn and her husband Chris worked for at least 2 hours cutting, brushing, and trimming nails. She was given a Parvo/Distemper vaccine as well as a Bordatella vaccination. She now just needs a bath because she is so dirty that when you pet her, your hand turns black.

We took her to Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora to have her back end checked out, as well as her teeth, to give her a heart worm test, and rabies vaccination. We set up her spay appointment and were on our way to getting her all of the vetting that she needed. We waited for the HW test results, which we were certain was negative due to her being a local surrender. Unfortunately, the vet tech walked in the room shaking her head side to side. The Vet said is everything okay and she said no it's positive. We all put our heads down in shock, knowing that there is a hold from the manufacturer for Ivermectin. This is what is used to treat heart worm positive dogs. The Vet said that we could be put on a waiting list but it may be month's and month's until she can be treated. So in the meantime we were given Interceptor, Doxycycline, and Prednisone which we were to start immediately.

The President of BPC was texting one of her fosters telling him about her situation. He said that he would contact his Vet to see if they had any. The chances were slim but it was worth a try. He text back saying that they had the Ivermectin and that Dana could be treated there. She has an appointment set up for this Thursday in which she will receive on injection and then stay for observation for any reactions. We are looking for a foster home for her while she goes through her treatment. She is unspayed and cannot be fixed for at least a month and 1/2. She is great with kids, dogs, and cats. If you are interested in fostering her then please fill out our foster application. Her Vet bill so far came to $178.00. We will update her chipin as we continue with her Vet visits. Thank you for helping this precious girl!