Update 8/22/11:

Darla had an episode on 4/14/2011. We did not know what was wrong with her but she was laying down and couldn't get up. I pulled on her leash and helped her get up on her feet only to have her wobble and fall on her face. Darla was twitching and appeared to be in pain. I picked up this 50 pound dog and put her in my car so that I could race her to Seneca Animal Hospital. They carried her in and put her on the examining table. I cried and paced as they examined her thinking that she may possible have to be euthanized. I didn't know if she had a brain tumor, a stroke, if she was dying. I knew that if she couldn't walk that she wouldn't have a good quality of life. All I could say to myself is please don't let her die. I prayed and asked that her precious life be spared. It wasn't her time! Her life couldn't end now after being kenneled for 8 month's and not having a home to call her own. I prayed over and over........ Please don't let this be her final goodbye.

We had X-Ray's done, as well as a full blood count. We wanted to know the blood results right away so we opted to pay a little extra as opposed to having it sent out. Waiting 2 days just wasn't an option at this point. The Vet said that she could of had a stroke, a seizure, or could have some other condition. We anxiously waited for the blood results that luckily came back normal. There was nothing abnormal on her X-Rays either. Sure enough after a little bit of time, she was walking again and managed to walk out of the Vet's office without having to be carried. I didn't know if it was a miracle or what. Did my prayers work?

The Vet prescribed Darla Predinose and Baytril to help with this current problem that she was experiencing. These medications seemed to have worked and Darla was back to her old self within a couple of days. This Vet bill came to $372.00. When she was better we took her in so that we could have her rabies vaccination updated. That came to $28.00.

A couple of month's later, Darla had another episode. She laid on her side once again and couldn't get up or walk around. She laid in discomfort while her body twitched. This time we contacted the Vet and asked if they could give us some more Baytril and Prednisone since that seemed to help last time. They told us that they would leave it in a box outside of the office for us to pick up. I picked it up and immediately gave it to her. After a few hours she was up and walking again. The bill for this medication came to $33.00. We can only assume now that Darla has seizures and that when she finally does get adopted that the new family has medication close by. Please help us with Darla's chipin which is now at $528.00. She is still looking for her forever home, so if you can't donate please consider adopting or fostering her :)

Darla is an older female Pit mix that was rescued by our shelter. She was living in a home without heat, a home that had been damaged, while living with urine and feces all over. We took her to the Vet for a few different reasons. She is very thin and not gaining weight, for a possible skin condition, a strong bad body odor, and because she didn't appear to be healthy.

Seneca Animal Hospital did a physical on her and a Cytology test in regards to her skin. Dr. Kadlek thought that maybe she had a yeast infection, but she did not. Darla did have fleas so the Vet said that she could possibly be allergic to them and or have a skin allergy.

We were also told that she has Horner's syndrome. This is normally caused by trauma. We were told that she was hit and or abused therefore the Vet said that this may be why she has it. Horner's syndrome is a disorder of the eye and facial muscles. Right now Darla has one eye that is completely dilated (which would cause her to squint in the daylight) while the other is normal. This may or may not go away over time.

The Vet told us to deworm her a second time and that if she doesn't start to put on weight in a week or two that she will need a fecal done as well as bloodwork. We will wait to see if she starts gaining weight and see if her skin condition goes away. The Vet prescribed her Cephalexin which should help her skin allergy as well as help with her current cold that she developed.

Darla's chipin came to $95.00. Please help us pay her Vet bill as she may need more testing down the road.