Dizzy a 9 year old Beagle who was surrendered to our rescue group about a week ago. We were told that she had glaucoma in both of his eyes which is why they were red and draining. We took her to the Vet to have them checked out as well as her ears. Since she did not have a heart worm test since 2006, we did that as well. When the Vet looked inside Dizzy's ears, there was black goop inside and both were loaded. He thought that there was a possibility that she had ear mites so he took a sample but it came back negative. The vet tech cleaned her ears while she cried and shook her head. It was obvious that this was causing her pain and discomfort. The photo on this chipin is just from one of her ears. We now have Animax Ointment which is applied twice a day for infection.

Luckily the heart worm test came back negative which was a huge relief. The Vet then did an intraocular pressure test on both of her eyes. He indicated that we should have them looked at by a specialist in the case that it is glaucoma. He thought that there was a very good possibility that she had it. This vet visit came to $175. This included the ointment, exam, ear treatment, pressure test, and heart worm test.

The very next day we took Dizzy to Animal Eye care of Western, NY in Depew. The Vet there did an exam on Dizzy's eyes and found out that she was clear of glaucoma but did have conjunctivitis. This has caused her eyes to drain, become very red, and irritated. She gave us some Dexacidin Ophth Soln to put in her eyes twice a day. We are hopeful that this anti-inflammatory drop will help her. We were told that the tear staining is more cosmetic than a medical problem. This visit came to $123.00. The total of her combined visits came to $299.00. Please help us recover her Vet costs. We are also looking for a foster or forever home for Dizzy so please consider taking this sweetheart in!