Dolly came in with Tanner who also had to be treated at the same emergency vet. She was treated more as a precautionary measure. They did not want this 8 week old Black Lab puppy to suffer the same fate as her brother Tanner, especially being that they had been together since birth. Dolly did NOT test positive for Parvo but was treated as if she had it. Luckily she only spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital as opposed to the 4 days that Tanner spent there. She was a really good patient who was a lot stronger then her brother. This puppy loves to cuddle and would sit on everyone's lap. She would walk over to the foster's little one and would climb up on her lap in the carrier so that she could sleep.

We ended up paying $763.00 for her care in the hospital. She went back to her foster home as a healthy girl and has since then been adopted into a GREAT home where she is happily enjoying her new life! Please help donate towards her care so that we can continue to help others in her same position.