Dougie came to us from out of state in which his ear was bit off by another dog. He recovered from that, but was very skinny and didn't seem to be gaining weight. We gave him his first round of dewormer and then waited 3 weeks to give him his second round. After that we waited another week to see if he would start putting on some weight.

He continued to eat a lot of treats and food, but still remained emaciated. It's hard to see in the photo, but all of his ribs are showing as well as his tail bone. We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital so that they could examine him and run a fecal. The fecal came back positive for Giardia. Giardia are protozoans, tiny, one-celled parasitic life forms with the potential to cause serious illness. Some dogs are carriers who show no symptoms, but others get sick and need treatment. The Vet said that he could see a bunch of them swimming around under the microscope. A dog becomes infected by eating the cyst form of the parasite.

His fecal smear, office visit, medication of Metronidazole, and pill pockets came to $95.00. Please help Dougie get healthy! In a couple of weeks he will need another fecal done just to make sure that it is gone. We will update the chipin on that day.