Dudley is a sweet, playful, and loving 8 month old Lab mix puppy. We were told when we got him that his one eye was smaller than the other but that there was nothing wrong with it.

We noticed that it started getting red so we took him to see our Vet. They said that his eye has sunken in and regardless if he was born like that or it was an old injury, that he could NOT see out of that eye. We asked the Vet if surgery would be needed and he said no. We were told that he is not in pain and that it is not bothering him. So to our surprise, Dudley is to be listed as a one eyed puppy.

We also had him treated for tape worms. He must have previously had fleas because the only way to get tape worms is to swallow one. With the Droncit medication as well as the office visit, it came to $60. Please help get the word out about his chipin as well as letting your friends and family know that this special boy is in need of a foster or permanent home. Thank you from BPC.