Update 3/15/11
We found Ella's left ear tip has fallen off. She still has the other one to fall off and both to finish healing.

She is still thin but she is slowly gaining weight. She is super affectionate and becoming more playful every day.

Ella has an appointment to be spayed 3-28-11 and we have added this cost to her chip in total needed. After her spay she will be available for adoption. She will make anyone an amazing companion!

Update 3/7/11
Ella is doing well...still a skinny minnie, but eating and oh so sweet. Unfortunately what we were warned about her ears is already happening.

The tops of Ella's ears are dead from the frostbite and are getting darker, hard and curling over...the tissue is dead and starting the process to naturally discard this no longer healthy tissue. We aren't sure if it itches, but she she wants them rubbed and is scratching at them, so we are assuming it must be an annoying feeling.

We will update as she progresses...just wanted to share that she IS losing the ear tips but is a sweet and happy girl.

Meet Ella. This sweet, affectionate girl was found recently out in the cold. The woman who found her took her in, warmed her and fed her. She couldn't keep her but didn't want her back out in the cold. She called us and we agreed to take her in.

Ella (at that time had no name) came to us Monday and we couldn't believe how skinny she was! She was sneezing and was just so thin. We took her to Seneca Animal Hospital for a health exam and an Fiv/FeLV test since she was out on the streets. Dr. T estimated her to be around 1 year old. He said she had a viral infection, causing the sneezing, which had to go away on its own. Ella's test name back NEGATIVE and we were so relieved! She is in fairly good health for living out doors.

During her exam, it was noted that she has frost bite on her ears. The upper portion of her ears are a darkened color, kind of grayish. The tips of her ears also curl over. We are not certain, but it is likely that her ear tips will fall off in the next few weeks. As new tissue heals the dead will fall off. Poor girl, but she will still be beautiful and she does no feel any pain from it. She has no fleas, her ears are clean, and she eats and uses the litter box.

She is a very cuddly girl who loves to purr. We are working on getting her to gain weight. Once she puts on a few pounds she will be scheduled for her spay appointment. Please help us pay for this poor girls bill so we can care for others that need us. Thank you for anything you can give!