Genteele gave birth to 5 healthy babies 3/24/11. She was quiet and cleaned up after herself! We didn't even know until it was all over :( But she did great and is a wonderful Mommy :) She is still on her medication and doing much better and eating a lot more now :)

Genteele is a very pregnant, very sweet cat. She came to us Sunday from a high kill shelter in SC. When she arrived we were immediately alarmed by her congested breathing. She was also very thin for being this far along.

Monday we took Genteele to Seneca Animal Hospital, after a long night of her not getting much rest...every time she would get comfortable she started coughing phlem.

Genteele weighed in at just 9 pounds exactly...very underweight for a pregnant mom. Dr. Figis had a tech immediately administer IV fluids because she was dehydrated. He also prescribed Ammoxicilin for her upper respiratory infection, as it is the safest for her unborn babies. We are hoping to see improvement in a couple days so she can regain the weight she lost and get healthy for those babies that are getting impatient.

Genteele is safe and being treated for her URI and watched closely. Every effort is being made to keep her comfortable, lessen her stress and help her have a safe birthing. Please help us pay for this very sweet mom-to-be's medical care. Anything you can give will help save her life, her unborn babies' lives, and the many other animals in our care.