Kirby, previously known as Grimsley came to our rescue from a kill shelter out of state. This older sweet boy had terrible teeth and needed to have them cleaned and extracted. We didn't want to leave this high Vet bill cost of $507 in the hands of his new adopter, so we adopted him out with the knowledge that our rescue would cover the costs of his dental work.

A lot of people do not realize that if you do not properly care for your dogs teeth, it can cause a variety of health issues. It can also lead to pain, infection, and the loss of teeth. Kirby's teeth were bad so he did have to have some extracted. We do not know how many because he was taken to Seneca Animal Hospital after he had already found a home. Attached is a copy of the bill that we had to pay. As you can see this included half a day stay, dental cleaning, extraction, anesthesia, pre-op profile (due to his age), as well as pain meds.

This adorable Shih Tzu has a great and happy new life where he is spoiled and loved. We were happy to get his teeth taken care of and hope that the generosity of others will help us to keep our animals "well taken care of". Please donate today! Any amount will help our rescue and will help us take care of other animals in need. Thank you from your furry friends at BPC!

In addition to his teeth cleaning, we had him checked out prior to his visit due to having discomfort in his ears. He didn't like them being touched, so his foster mom brought him in. At this visit it was said that he had an infection in both of his ears. He was given Animax Ointment. This bill came to $63 making his total go up to $570 all together.