Harlem is a beautiful little 12 week old puppy that came to our rescue group with Parvo. Even though it is highly contagious. He is the only puppy out of 4 other siblings to contact this disease. He was taken to a vet's office in Hamburg, NY where he was treated in isolation for 4 days before he was able to leave.

Parvo is a virus that attacks the lining of the digestive system. It causes these puppies to not be able to absorb nutrients and liquids. Luckily, most puppies and or dogs that get Parvo cannot get it a second time. Harlem survived and is healthy now! He needed Subcutaneous fluids, Cefazolin injections, along with different types of medicine's, and special food to help in his recovery.

It is extremely costly to treat Parvo and many shelters will euthanize an animal before treating it to save on the hundreds of dollars that it costs to treat them. Our rescue does not do that, we will try everything we can to save these animals so that they do not die. Harlem was one of the lucky ones who made it. Now we just need people with big hearts to help donate towards his vet care so that we can continue to save animals that need us.