Update 8/18/11:
Hershey has been having diarrhea which has never really gone away since we had him. We took in another fecal sample to the Vet just to make sure that he didn't have any parasites or infections. Luckily it came back negative. We can only attribute it to stress, being that he is now kenneled and no longer in a foster home. The fecal, flotation came to $27.00 which we have added on to his chipin amount. Please help out if you can!

Hershey came to us from Tennessee. He is a one year old Pit Bull mix dog who has small legs but a BIG heart. When he arrived we could tell immediately that he had a skin infection. He had it all over his stomach and legs. We took him to the Vet at Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora the very next day to have him examined. While he was there the Vet noticed that he had a live tick attached to him. Because of this we asked that he have a heart worm/Lyme disease test not thinking that he would come back positive for heart worms. Keep in mind that we were assured from the rescue that sent him that he was healthy, received a monthly heart worm preventative, and that there was no way that he would have heart worms so to not bother testing him.

The Vet came back with bad news....he was tested HIGH positive for heart worms. We were shocked and upset knowing that he was now going to have to go through the painful injections while being on crate rest. We were given Simplicef for his skin infection and told that we needed to treat him right away. We took him back for his first injection and then brought him back a month later for his second and third back to back injections. We could not let him play, run, be with other dogs, or have any fun. He had to just rest which was hard for him to do because hes such a playful and energetic little guy. We also took in his fecal for it to be examined because we noticed that he had diarrhea. Of course that came back positive for hook and whip worms. We purchased Drontal Plus to take care of that. Even now he still has diarrhea so he must have been infested with them. His bills came to $353.00

Whoever had Hershey did not take care of his medical needs. Yes he was fed and given a outdoor pen to reside in, but he was very unhealthy. Full of fleas, ticks, a skin condition, and heart worms. Our rescue group has taken care of all of his needs. He has been and will continue to be on a flea/tick treatment as well as a monthly heart worm preventative. Hershey is now in an amazing foster home where he is being loved and pampered. If you are interested in adopting him please fill out our online application. If you are interested in helping with his Vet bills then you can send us a paypal or check/money order. We appreciate every penny that we get. As soon as one heart worm dog is treated, we usually help out another. Thank you for your generosity, we cannot put a price on a healthy life!