Update 8/25/10: On August 9th, 2010 we took Higgins to East Aurora Veterinary Hospital so that he could have another Heart Worm test. The test came back positive for Heart Worms even though he was already treated prior to coming to our rescue. We then took him back for an X-Ray so that Dr. Dunaif could see if the test was positive from previous treatment or if he currently had Heart Worms. Unfortunately, he currently has Heart Worms. Higgins cannot be treated at this time because it will cause too much strain on his heart. He has to wait a little while before he can go back for treatment. We will update his posting as soon as he is able to. Please help out this poor boy by donating towards his vet costs.

Higgins is a Boxer mix dog who was tested high positive for Heart Worms. If not treated, they can cause death. He was treated at a vet in Tennessee and also boarded there. He was then transported from Tennessee to Buffalo so that we could find him a great home!

The amount for his treatment, vetting, and transportation came to $500. We are asking if anyone can please help out our rescue group so that we can continue to help other animals in need. Many times HW positive dogs will be euthanized because of the cost. We luckily found an amazing woman named Michelle who was willing to front the money until we could raise the funds to pay her back.