On Friday April 16th, we finally found Hope a home after having her with our rescue group for several month's. She originally came to the rescue completely emaciated only weighing in at only 20 pounds. Hope has since then gained weight and currently weighs over 60 pounds.

We waived the adoption fee for a wonderful family that had just bought a new house and didn't have the extra money to pay for the adoption fee. To us, the adoption was more important than the fee! When we originally took Hope to the vet we had a blood sample taken, a fecal exam, Heart Worm test, Rabies shot, Distemper shot, and had her dewormed with Pyrantel. This office visit cost us $117.00. We have her spay coming up and it is going to be another $100.

Since we have waived the fee, we are asking if anyone can please help our rescue group recoup her vetting costs. This amazing family took her in and will give her all of the love that she deserves! Thank you for your support!