My name is Isa. I was brought in as a stray with my Mom and sister. I had a horrible upper respiratory infection and weighed in at only 2 lbs when I was five months old...I was skin and bones. After a couple weeks my infection cleared up but I was still skinny minnie.

I stopped eating and was brought to the hospital where they found that I was in acute renal failure:( My white count is through the roof and I'm anemic. And get this, at 25 weeks I weigh only 1 pound! That is what a 4 week old kitten weighs! I am currently in the ICU at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center with heat, IV fluids, medications and lots of round the clock care. It is very touch and go. I want to hold on, but it's getting so tiring.

The doctors think that I have a congenital defect that has affected my kidneys. If so, and I pull through, I will need subcutaneous fluids and a special diet for the remainder of my life-which will only be a few of years at best. With this treatment, the short time I have can be very enjoyable and comfortable and I will be looking for a forever home to provide this for me!

I'm really not looking for much here...just a little help to pay for my medical bills. The people that saved me and have been trying to get me all better need help as my bills keep going up and up but they don't want to give up unless I tell them I am ready. So please, if you can, chip-in. Every dollar counts! Thank you!

Update: After several days in the hospital, Isa sadly passed away. She was just 1 pound at 25 weeks...her little body was just too weak. We make the decision to end her suffering as she had no more fight left in her. It was such a difficult decision to make but the best one for her. Little Isa will be in our hearts forever.

Even with Isa gone, her bill remains and so does many other medical bills for all the animals we try to save. Your donation isn't going towards a animal whose life is is going towards her bill so that we can help others who still have a chance. Please give what you can, in loving memory of Isa!