Izabella came to our shelter with her Mom, Maddie. Maddie has turned into the sweetest girl ever, but unfortunately Izabella must have too much feral blood in her veins. While we had Izabellla in our care, we had her treated for an Upper Respiratory Infection, dewormed, spayed, tested for Fiv/Felv (which was negative) and vaccinated.

We tried for several months to bring her around, with no avail. This beautiful girl was just so terrified of people that she was miserable. She LOVES other cats, but would scratch and bite out of fear with people. We really wanted to make her realize we loved her and wanted her to be safe and happy, but it never happened. She became more frightened as days went on and began loosing fur from stress.

Finally we decided, for her, it was best to find a nice, safe place to release her. A previous adopter who lives in a more rural area graciously allowed us to release her on her property. The moment we walked away, she was gone! Weeks went by with no sign of her other than missing food. Then one day she was spotted...she had grown so much so quickly outside, was fluffy, happy and healthy. She was enjoying a nice sunny day in the woman's garden.

As much as we try, we can not change the nature of any animal. Izabella, like many others, have feral blood and there is no changing that. Even though they are not adoptable they still deserve a safe and happy life. So we vaccinate and spay and hope for the best. It's the least, and the most, we can do.

Please help us recoup the costs for Izabella's care, so that we can continue to care for other adoptable and non-adoptable cats that come into our care. If our wonderful adopter see's Izabella again, we hope to get a picture of how wonderful she looks to post!