UPDATE 8/12/10: Jasmine is doing very well. She was given her rabies vaccine today and is scheduled to be spayed in 1 month and have her 2nd distemper vaccine. She is 17 weeks old and weighs 37 pounds! She finally have put on all the weight she had lost from her deadly scare. You would never even know she was ever that sick now...to know her is to love her...Jasmine is a gift. She loves life and everyone in it.

Of course, even though Jasmine is getting better, she still has a huge bill that we desperately need help with! If we aren't able to pay for the vet bills we incur to save these animals' lives, we won't be able to continue saving any animal in need that comes into our care...we are very proud when we say we are a NO KILL shelter, because we are in every sense of the meaning. We go above and beyond to save the lives of the animals because we can see the life they have in them! Won't you please help us continue to save lives!! Thank you :)

UPDATE 7/29/10: Jasmine is doing wonderful and currently weighs in at a lean 30 pounds! She was taken to Seneca Animal Hospital to see Dr. Kadleck today for her first distemper vaccine!

Dr. K said she looks wonderful and can have her rabies vaccine in 2 weeks and be spayed in 5 weeks with her 2nd distemper!

We are so proud of Jasmine and inspired by her strength and zest for life! We also thank all of those who have given well wishes and have donated to help save her life!

We still have a HUGE bill hanging over us that we need help with though. The more help we can get to pay for her, the more we will have to help others that may need our help!

UPDATE 7/10/10:Jasmine finally got to leave the hospital after 7 days! She has gotten so much better and stronger in just a few days! She is still on 4 medications, special bland diet, and needs lots of rest and TLC, but she is on the way to recovery! We couldn't be any happier! She went home with her foster who was very happy to have her back home:) Even though Jasmine may be home, we are not out of the woods. She may still need other medicines, vet visits, etc. and her ER stay was VERY costly! Please help us pay off this large bill so that we can save the next one in line!

UPDATE 7/7/10: Jasmine had a rough night last night and morning today. Her fever spiked to over 105 and she became septic. She needed Plasma to keep her alive. It is very expensive but without it she would die. We had to proceed with the Plasma treatment. She is so weak but still fighting. We are so proud of how strong she is! She has not vomited in over 12 hours (big improvement) but continues to need force feeding and has diarrhea still. We are very hopeful with the lifesaving Plasma treatment that she will pull through. Please continue to support her with well wishes, happy thoughts and, if possible, monetary assistance. Thank you all for your care, concern and generosity!

UPDATE 7/5/10: Jasmine is still not able to hold any food down:( She has refused all food, even chicken. She throws up everything and is still having severe diarrhea...she can't even hold it in anymore. Her poor bottom is so sore and she is so weak. She was so excited when we came to see her, but shortly after threw up and then had diarrhea, which we could tell was painful. She then started with tremors and hiccups. We are keeping her spirits up and doing everything we can for her.

UPDATE 7/4/10: Jasmine is still in the ER. She had several severe bouts of bloody diarrhea after 8pm today. She is still being kept off food, on 24 hour fluids and meds. She is weaker today than yesterday. We are very worried, but sometimes Parvo gets worse before it gets better. And we can only pray she will get better.

She wagged her tail when she saw us which was a good thing, but then she just wanted to sleep. As you can see from the pictures, her eyes are sunken in and she is already losing some weight.

We are doing everything we can to save her life. Please help us and donate what you can. Your donation will go 100% straight to her vet bills, as always with our chip-ins. Please help us save Jasmine!! Thank you!!

Meet Jasmine. She is a sweet, very smart, energetic 12 week old large breed puppy. She has had it tough from the beginning. First, she had no Mom and found a surrogate in Jewels. She was thriving and doing great when she developed an upper respiratory infection (URI) around 6 weeks of age.

After 2 rounds of Clavamox and cough tabs, Jasmine was still not over her URI. She was taken to the vet and was put on a stronger antibiotic. However, before the new medication, Jasmine started vomiting and having diarrhea. We tried a few over the counter remedies before realizing that she needed more immediate care.

Just before midnight July 3rd, Jasmine was taken to Orchard Park Emergency Clinic. We were expecting her to have an obstruction in her GI tract, but were stunned to hear she tested a strong positive for Parvo virus. Her white blood count was still okay, so we caught it early. Unfortunatly, with Parvo, there are no promises. Things can change in an instant.

We are very hopeful she will pull through and will be visiting her a lot to help keep her spirits up. Unfortunatly this deadly virus is very expensive to treat. We will not give up on this sweet little baby and we are hoping you will help us in paying for her supportive care. As of now her bill (including previous URI medications of $85) is at $643, but we will update as needed.

Please, even if only $1, help us help Jasmine make a full recovery!