Jeb is a 5 month old puppy that came to our rescue group from a kill shelter in TN. He was very shy & scared when he got here, but to make matters worse, his incision from his neuter was wide open. Jeb was not comfortable and needed to see the Vet. We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital where they found blood clots inside the wound. For this reason, they didn't want to sew it up and cause an infection. Instead they gave him Rimadyl for pain and Cephalexin as the antibiotic. The poor guy must have been infested with fleas at some point because he had tape worms also. We gave him a dewormer that treats just that.

While that was clearing, poor Jeb developed a cold in which he was sneezing and his nose was all crusted and stuffed up. He didn't want to play and hardly ate anything. He would just sleep most of the day. Our wonderful foster mom Kim took him to the Vet in which they gave him some med's. They also ran a fecal and found out that he had whip worms, coccidia, and round worms so they also gave him a dewormer. After a little bit of TLC Jeb will be feeling better! Please help out with his vet costs by donating to our rescue group. Thank you...