Little Jerry came to our group, when his owner passed away. He was scared, confused, and sad. He wasn't neutered at 5 years old and didn't have any records of being vetted. We dewormed him, gave him a parvo/distemper shot, Bordatella vaccination, and a dewormer. After a couple of weeks we were able to get him neutered. After his neuter appointment they said that we had to follow up with our primary Vet because they said that his lungs were mildly raspy and that they suspected that he had a respiratory disease. Previously he would sometimes have a reverse sneeze but that only occurred when he was nervous.

After of days recouping from his surgery, he was taken to Seneca Animal Hospital for a recheck. At this point his sneezing got worse and he appeared to have some slight difficulty breathing. The Vet there said that his lungs were clear but that he had a mild case of an upper respiratory infection. She gave us another prescription for Clavamox so that he could have 2 weeks worth. Jerry is on his way to getting better now with lots of rest and TLC. He is available for adoption when his little cold goes away so please keep that in mind when reading this. The total for our bills came to $190. Please help us recover these Vet bills so that we can continue to help pay for the many animals in need.