Update 11/30/11:
Joey went to the Vet today for his neuter appointment. They had to do a scrotal ablation in which they charged an additional $25. He then needed a mandatory e collar which was an additional $10 which we have updated to his current chipin.

Joey has several sutures which will need to come out in 10 days but hopefully he will not be in pain for much longer. We are happy to annonce that his (boys) will no longer be dragging along the floor causing calluses on them. Way to go Joey!

Joey has a sad story but we know that once he finds his forever home, he will always be grateful to his new family. We do not know how old Joey, the pure breed Doxen is because all of his teeth were pulled except for 3. He was given to a woman from an individual who said that he was a "puppy mill" dog. We think that he was given to her because he could no longer "perform", therefore he was of no use to them. He was living in a bunny cage for years and was only used strictly for breeding purposes. This is why people should NEVER purchase animals from a pet store, because if you do then you are only prolonging and contributing to the suffering of many mom and dad dogs.

Joey is very sweet, shy, and gentle. They said that his teeth were pulled because he was killing chickens. First of all he can't move that fast to even catch a chicken and secondly he wouldn't kill a fly if it came near him. Therefore, this was a lie. There was a female Doxen who also had her teeth pulled. The excuse for her was that she killed 5 dogs. These people need to be stopped!

The woman who helped save him said that when he first came in he was emaciated, filthy, had over grown toe nails, urine stains from sitting in a crate, and was terrified. When he first arrived with us, he was shaking and was doing some submissive peeing on himself. We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital in E Aurora where he had a full examination. The Vet said that he had 2 holes in his gums from having his teeth extracted. This is not causing him a problem now but may cause it in the future. He is estimated to be anywhere from 5-10 years old (hard to tell with hardly any teeth). We did a HW test which luckily came back negative, got him a bordatella vaccination, and a rabies vaccination. We have set up his neuter appointment and will also have that taken care of.

This sweet 13 pound Doxie did not deserve to be treated like this! Please help us pay his medical costs which total $207.00. He is also looking for a foster home and will soon be looking for a forever home where he will be loved and pampered. He is good with kids, dogs, and cats!!! Please support the end to puppy mills, where dogs are neglected just so that they can make a profit.