Josie is a young female Shepherd who came to us with her 8 puppies. We knew taking her in that she was Heart Worm positive and needed to be treated after her puppies were adopted.

Josie is a very sweet girl who has been fostered by Kathleen and her family. Her foster mom has done a great job with keeping everyone healthy and happy. After her puppies were weaned and into their new homes, Josie went to the Vet's office for a CBC and exam prior to having her HW treatment. That visit came to $118.00. Then back to the Vet the very next day to have her first painful Immiticide injection.

Heart worm's are a very serious and sometimes fatal disease. One of the major complicating factors with treating heart worm disease in dogs is the fact that as the adult heart worms in the heart begin to die off, they can cause emboli to the lungs, leading to damage within the lung tissue. We were all hoping and praying that she was strong enough to get through her treatment. This visit came to $148.00.