JT is a blind dog that came to our rescue group from out of state. When he was transported, they brought along a male dog that had dog aggression issues. We were told that they got along fine and could be around each other.

The following day after they arrived, JT bumped into the male dog which caused an all out fight. We tried desperately to separate them, but they would not stop. Finally after they were exhausted, we were able to break the two apart. JT ended up with a torn ear & multiple bite wounds/puncture wounds.

We rushed him to the vet where they gave him pain injections, put him under anesthesia so that they could repair his ear as well as clean all of his wounds, along with taking X-Ray's to ensure that there were no broken bones. His injuries were substantial but he was able to recover after a month's time.

We ended up paying $313 in vet bills. We would really appreciate help towards his care!