Koda, a young male Rotti mix dog came to our rescue with a cough which was told to us to be kennel cough. He was being treated by antibiotics, but when he went to the vet and had a Heart Worm test done, we found out that he was positive. Unfortunately he is a HIGH positive which means that he is infested with worm. He will have to undergo three days of treatment and then kennel rest for the next 3 month's. The total bill is $1,000 but we are currently getting help for half of it. We can only hope that wonderful people such as yourself help donate towards his treatment.

They are small thread like worms that are spread through mosquito bites. There are several life stages in the Heart Worms and by testing high positive, you will find all of the various stages. The outcome is not always good once a dog is treated, but we are hoping that in Koda's case that he will have a successful treatment. Please help with his care so that we can continue to save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.