Kurt - Itty Bitty Kitty

Update 1/19/13

Kurt needed to go into Seneca for a check up and because the skin around his break/wound was all smooth from fur loss. He was also bleeding slightly...something just wasn't right. When we went in to see Dr. Kadlec again she looked and said he definitely needed more antibiotics (which would be the 2nd refill since the last update). When poking around I asked if there was a piece of bone sticking out. Dr. Kadlec was surprised to see it. She was able to pull a sliver of bone right out. This piece she believed has been siting on the fracture this whole time, causing the infection. His body worked it out on its own so he could avoid surgery!! We knew this boy was special, but wow! :)

So after that was removed they cleaned the area real well again and he felt much better. He was finally able to get neutered and received his final vaccinations 1/16/13. He is now available for adoption and SO READY to go to his forever home! Please help us finish paying for this sweet, strong boys medical bills so we can help others that need it! Thank you!!!

Update 11/26/12

Kurt's leg became very swollen less than a week after his initial appointment. We took him back to Seneca. Dr. Kadlec checked him out and she determined that it was swelling due to the healing that was going on. He is still on antibiotics because he is still draining from the infection. He is uncomfortable, as expected, but still eating, drinking and playing. He takes his medicine like a little champ and is very sweet. We have added $30 to the total needed, to reflect the office recheck fee. Thank you everyone who has shown your support and donated to help Kurt. This sweet little trooper appreciates it :)

Kurt - Itty Bitty Kitty with a broken leg.

We received a call November 13th about a kitten being found in the parking lot at Walmart in Springville. The people said it appeared he had been hit by a car because he wasn't using his back leg. We drove out to Gowanda to check him out. Before we saw him the overwhelming sickening smell caught us off guard. Immediately we knew he had a bad infection somewhere. We checked him out, choking back the urge to vomit over the horrific smell, and found several puncture wounds. He had been attacked my another animal. His back leg took the worst of it where the animal actually broke his bone in half. We took him home that night and cleaned his ears and began ear mite treatment as they were horrible! We trimmed his nails, gave him his first dewormer, gave his first distemper, washed his wounds and got him settled for the night.

The following day, on November 14th, we brought him to see Dr. Kadlec at Seneca Animal Hospital. She agreed that he had been attacked by another animal and that his wounds were infected. After speaking with another vet they decided the best thing for him was to wait. They want to give him cage rest and see if his body is going to heal the broken leg to the point where he can use it. Because of the break, and it not being a fresh (less that 6 hours ago) break, it was not likely that surgical repair was his best option. If he doesn't heal as expected we may have to make the decision for amputation. However we are hopeful his young strong body will try to best correct itself.

While at Seneca they shaved around his wounds and cleaned them again. They combo tested him for FIV/FeLV which came up negative! Due to his slight fever from the infection he couldn't have a rabies vaccine yet. We got pain medication and antibiotics for him. He will be on cage rest and given daily doses of love! He is incredibly loving and a quick favorite. He is estimated about 3.5 months old and possibly a Maine Coon mix. We are so glad we had the room and chose to take this sweetheart on...he is such a strong boy...he had to be to escape his attack with his life!

Kurt, named by the girls that took him in and contacted us, needs your support. His vet bill from Seneca came to $172.66. In support of Kurt's recovery, please help us pay his bill...he will probably need more vet care, at least his neuter and vaccines when he is recovered. Please help and donate anything you can afford for what we have incurred so far. Kurt, as well as all of us at BPC, thank you for your generosity and support!