My name is Lennon. I am about 4 months old. I was brought to the shelter from a rescue in Ohio with 5 other kittens. We were all sick with Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) but I had it the worst. My nose was completely plugged up, my eyes crusted shut, dehydrated and had ulcers in my mouth. I wasn't eating or drinking.

I spent 2 days at Banfield Pet Hospital in Orchard Park. I quickly became a favorite and everyone loved me! I finally started to come around and eat. They nursed me out of the worst and then I went back to my foster home where they kept me next to a vaporizer 24/7. I was finally on the mend!

I am feeling so much better now! I'm am doing great and am the sweetest little kitten! Please help this rescue pay for my bills so they can continue to save more kitties! Thank you!