Lina, a 10 week old Shepherd mix puppy named Lina was rushed in the evening to an Emergency Care facility. Her breathing was abnormal and we could tell that she had difficulty breathing. They did an X-Ray on her which showed that she either had pneumonia or had aspirated. They put her on oxygen and began taking care of her. After a few days, she had perked up a bit, was wagging her tail, and eating like a champ.

As the days went on, the vet slowly started lowering the level of oxygen to see how she would handle it, but she didn't do so well and would start gasping for air. We wanted to give her a fighting chance, although the vet did say that she could die at any moment. We knew that it was going to be expensive but couldn't give up hope.

She was doing okay while she was there, but the big question was how would she be off of the oxygen and was this just prolonging the inevitable. So after a week of her being at the hospital, we told the Vet that we were going to have to try home care at night and have her back at the vet's office on oxygen during the day, because we did not have the funds to pay $5,000-$10,000.

When Dawn, the VP went to get her she didn't look very good. She was not wagging her tail, her head was down, and she looked like she just couldn't fight anymore. As Dawn sat in the waiting room crying, her along with the President had to make the difficult decision of taking her off of the oxygen and humanely euthanizing her. The vet had said that we made a good decision and that she would no longer have to fight, this losing battle anymore.

We loved Lina very much and are sad to see her go. Dawn decorated a box for her to go home in where we will bury her. Please help us care for her vet bills that were $3,000. Although she is not with us, at least we can say that we tried very hard to keep her alive and did everything we could for her.