Update 5/18/12:
Magnolia was recently spayed and was given a thin body score of a 2/5. We told the Vet that she had a negative fecal but they said because she wasn't gaining any weight that either her food needed changed or she needed another fecal ran. We did both! We changed her food from puppy to adult and brought in another fecal to Seneca Animal Hospital. This bill came to $26.00. We got the results back and were told that she did test positive for Giardia. Giardia is a genus of flagellated, usually non pathogenic protozoa that are parasitic in the intestines of vertebrates including humans and most domestic animals. They gave us metronidazole once again so hopefully this well help her gain the weight she needs.

The current Vet bil is now $294. Please help us pay this off because we have many bills to catch up on. Thank you!

Magnolia is a 2 year old mom that came to us pregnant. She was skinny to begin with and was only here for 3 days when she gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. Magnolia although protective is a very good mommy. She has had diarrhea for a couple of weeks now, but we couldn't get her any medication because the puppies were still nursing. Even though its recommended that the puppies stay with their mom for 6-8 weeks we had to stop them from nursing at 5 weeks old due to the condition of mom.

We took Magnolia and one of her puppies to Seneca Animal Hospital to be examined for a health check and a fecal exam. The puppy got a clean bill of health other than some bacteria that was found on the fecal smear. We have to wait until Monday to get the detailed results of both fecal's. They prescribed metronidazole medication for all 8 puppies which we are going to give twice a day for 5 days. We were told that they could all be put up for adoption at 6 weeks old. Magnolia obviously needs to put on weight so she was also given metronidazole while we await the results of her fecal.

The total amount of this visit came to $183.00. Please help out this skinny momma and her 8 little precious ones. The amount for Magnolia's spay (when ready and healthy enough) will be $85 which we have also added to this chipin. The total cost is $268.00. Please help out if you can, any amount will be appreciated.