Sweet Max, our Pomeranian mix who came to us from a kill shelter in Ohio had to go to the Vet because his teeth look terrible and his breath smelled really bad. We didn't want to adopt him out while leaving the burden of his dental care to his new owner.

We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora for an exam and preop Bloodwork. We wanted to make sure that he didn't have any health concerns prior to going under anesthesia. The total of this Vet bill came to $111. Once we get the okay from the Vet, he will go in for his teeth cleaning. If you do not take care of your dogs teeth it can lead to many health issues as well as cause the dog to lose teeth later on in life.

We are preventing this by taking an active role in making sure that his teeth and gums are not infected and are kept clean :) Please help us keep this beautiful little guy healthy and happy by donating today!