UPDATE 5/28/10:Mercy has been adopted!

UPDATE 4/28/10: Mercy has been doing wonderful! We feel she is ready for a loving foster home. If interested please let us know. She will also be placed for adoption this week:)

UPDATE 4/13/10: Mercy has been eating like a piggy :)

UPDATE 4/12/10: Mercy has an appointment at Seneca Animal Hospital 4/14/10. However, fingers crossed this isn't a one time occurance, MERCY ATE LAST NIGHT! She ate some wet food and dry food during the night:) Didn't appear to drink any water, but she finally ate on her own! We are so happy and proud of her! Please keep your fingers crossed that she will keep moving forward in her progress! If all goes well, we will be able to find out if she is spayed or not and find her a foster home to continue giving her the TLC she deserves. Way to go Mercy!

UPDATE 4/10/10: Mercy is still the sweetest, most affectionate girl. She makes you smile just looking at her gentle eyes. Unfortunately, unless we have a breakthrough, she will need to have a feeding tube place this week. We have been unable to get her to eat or drink on her own. She will not eat anything we give to her. We have been syringe feeding her and giving her SQ fluids. She urinates and has normal BM's (only because of our efforts). We are very hopeful she will eat eventually, when her wounds in her mouth have healed, but as of now we need to get her on a continuous feed to make sure she is getting what she needs to get strong!

UPDATE 4/6/10: Mercy went to Seneca Animal Hospital today. They aged her about 8 years old. She is doing better, but still not eating. She is now on medication to stimulate her appetite and we will be trying different foods to get her to eat. She is just the sweetest girl and loves to cuddle and be pet.

This is Mercy. She is a white/ginger female cat approximately 6 years old. Our V.P./Kitty Coord. (Dawn) and her husband were heading home from Hamburg Saturday, April 3rd when they passed a cat that was in the street. It was apparent she had been hit by a car.

While turning around they saw her almost hit a second time by an SUV. Both vehicles never stopped. One car did however and had told us he saw it happen and was waiting for the Hamburg police. Dawn was not going to wait and picked the cat up and rushed her to Orchard Park ER.

Her x-ray did not show any internal bleeding and she didn't appear to have any broken bones. She was admitted and started on fluids and given antibiotics and pain medication as well as treatment for shock. It appears that her head took the blunt of the hit. She has difficulty swallowing, bloody nose, scrapes, cuts and bruising all on her face. She was scanned for a microchip and there was nothing found.

She is receiving home care now and we are trying to get her to eat and drink on her own. Her mouth is sore and bloody so it will be a slow process. This poor girl has been through a lot and is such a sweetheart. She will just lay on your lap and purr while kneading you. Please help us help her. We need help with finances to pay for her care at the ER as well as future care to get her rehabilitated.

We will give updates on her progress and when she is well enough she will be available for adoption. Please help support this sweet girl!