We got an email just after Christmas from a woman's sister. The woman had passed away a couple weeks before Christmas, leaving behind 10 adult cats. We made arrangements to catch (we were told they were shy with new people) and take these 10 cats. We showed up last Thursday to see only one cat (Dino)...the remaining 9 were hiding. We searched and got 9 of the 10 cats. They were inside couches, chairs, under beds, in basement rafters, etc; all completely terrified. We wanted to cause the least amount of stress so we arranged it so that they could go directly to Seneca Animal Hospital. All nine received exams, FIV/FeLV combo testing and rabies vaccines. They were all in pretty good heath other than 6 of them needing dental work.

Misha was one of the cats that needed dental. He had reddening of the gums and plaque on his teeth. We took Misha in today for his dental. He had scaling, polishing and also needed two teeth extracted (1 incisor and 1 molar). If left untreated it would get worse and become very painful and cause possible infection. Please chip in and help recoup the costs for helping Misha!