Update 3/23/12:

Missy was back at the vets office today due to constant itching. We took her to Seneca animal hospital. Luckily it was only allergies so she was put on a steroid called prednisone. We have added the $40 amount to her Chipin. Thank you for all of your financial support! She's also still looking for a foster or forever home.

Update 3/18/12:
Missy recently got spayed and when she did we found out that she was in heat. This cost us an additional $30. She was also starting to show signs of a mild upper respiratory infection so we got antibiotics for her which came to $10. We have added this into her chipin amount making it a total of $152. Please help us cover these costs.

Update 2/7/12:

Missy is doing much better and is ready to be adopted. Today she received a bordatella vaccination, rabies vaccination, and parvo/distemper vaccination. This Vet visit came to $23.00. She is not pregnant so we have set up her spay appointment for March, which will come to $85.00. We have updated her chipin and hope that everyone will contribute towards her care.

Missy is a 2-3 Lab/Pit mix that was found as a stray. After having her for a short time, the woman noticed that Missy's jaw started swelling up. After a few days it was only getting bigger and bigger. She said that Missy was in pain, had to eat real slow small bites, and was having trouble sleeping. She contacted us to see if we could help get her treated and ready for adoption. We agreed and took Missy to Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora.

The Vet said that she has a sub mandibular lymph node abscess. Luckily it started draining and can heal rather easily with antibiotics. Dr. Eisenhard prescribed Amoxicillin for 2 weeks. We also had Missy tested for heart worms and she tested negative which was a huge relief. She could not have any vaccinations at this time but could be dewormed so we will give her a 3 day supply of panacur.

After the two weeks is up Missy will be able to get her vaccinations. We found out that she may possibly be pregnant as well, so we are going to hold of on her spay for now. The Vet visit came to $112.00. We will update her chipin when she goes back to the Vet. Thank your for your support.....Missy also says thank you for helping her get better and off of the streets!