Please be advised that some of the photo's below are graphic.

Monty, a sweet and loving Beagle mix dog who came to our rescue by an owner surrender, was viciously attacked by another dog. He was in a foster home in the backyard when a dog, not belonging to our rescue group, went after him leaving him for dead.

This other dog bit Monty's neck as well as his back legs and inner thigh. The foster mom took Monty to Seneca Animal Hospital where they hooked him up to an IV for fluids and gave him supportive care so that he could be stitched up.

Monty was not stable enough to go under local anesthesia so they had to wait. He was there for 3 days when we got the call from the Vet that there was nothing more that they could do for him. It was this past Holiday weekend on a Sunday and Monty was getting worse.

We then too him to the Emergency Vet where they said that he could not be saved and would only have a ten percent of recovery. The tissue on his body was starting to die and the infection had spread. The Vet said that he would need both legs amputated and his private area cut in half and changed to that of a female part. They said that they do not amputate two legs and that even if they amputated one, there was only a tiny chance that he would pull through. It would be weeks in critical care along with a great amount of pain, which we did not want to put him through.

Needless to say, Monty was humanly euthanized. We were there as he took his last two breaths. It was a very very sad day for BPC. Monty was an amazing dog with a big heart and lots of love to give. We will miss you now and forever. You will always be in our hearts!! So it's not goodbye to Monty, it's see you later.....