Meet Munchkin. He is a 1 year old male kitty. He was brought to us when he was 9 months old as a stray. He was so sick that his nose and eyes were crusted shut. He may have been overcome with an upper respiratory infection, but he came in purring and playing! NOTHING will take this boys personality! Munchkin weighs 4.8 pounds and is at his peak size...the vet thinks that if he is not partly Munchkin breed cat, that he was sick for so long that it has stunted his growth.

Munchkin has been on every antibiotic, including human strength Azithromicin. He has used a vaporizer, Little Noses nasal drops, eye ointments and more. He has improved tremendously and was finally able to be neutered. However he still struggles with nasal discharge.

His nasal passages were inflamed for so long that it was basically "eaten away". He gets congested and sneezes out bloody nasal discharge. Unfortunately he is a cat and can not use a tissue, so it ends up where ever gravity takes it! If Munchkin continues to have this discharge we will try starting him on Benedryl to help with the inflammation, as per one of the vet's he sees (Dr. Kadelec @ Seneca Animal Hospital).

Munchkin is just one of the many, many kitties that come into our care with special health needs. Please help us pay for his bills and allow us to continue his care until he is adopted. He is available now for adoption, granted his new family continues with his care...he is the sweetest cat and deserves health and happiness!