We rescued Noodles a 2-3 year old Beagle mix all the way from Kentucky. When she arrived she was extremely energetic and playful. She was not spayed prior to coming her, which is fine because we were going to take care of it. A few days after having Noodles she started acting lethargic. She didn't touch her food and was laying on her side not wanting to get up. We didn't notice any coughing, sneezing, or any other conditions that would cause her to behave this way. She had also thrown up some yellow flem so we decided that she needed to go to the Vet office immediately. We set up her appointment and got her in that day.

First of while she was on the table we noticed that her stomach had dropped a little bit and her nipples were getting larger. Dr. Beyer from Seneca Animal Hospital examined her and took her temperature which was normal. We asked him if there was a possibility that she could be pregnant and is experiencing morning sickness. He did say that dogs can experience that. He felt her stomach and said that he was pretty sure that she was pregnant. He had another Vet come in for a second opinion, and he verified that she was.

Dr. Beyer gave Noodles a low dose of a Cerenia injection as well as Amoxi tabs and Metoclopramide. After the injection and taking the meds for only a day, there was some improvement. She was up wagging her tail and appeared to be more energetic. We are sooo happy that she is starting to feel better. Hopefully after a few days pass, Noodles will be back to her happy go lucky energetic self. Her Vet costs from KY totaled $88 but Kim, the girl who helped pull her sponsored $50 of that leaving us a balance of $38. The visit to Seneca cost $104. The total amount we paid was $142 which we have calculated in her chipin.

Please help us pay for Noodles Vet costs! We want to ensure that both her and the unborn babies are healthy!! She is looking for a foster home if there is anyone out there willing to take in a friendly pregnant doggie.