We got an email just after Christmas from a woman's sister. The woman had passed away a couple weeks before Christmas, leaving behind 10 adult cats. We made arrangements to catch (we were told they were shy with new people) and take these 10 cats. We showed up last Thursday to see only one cat (Dino)...the remaining 9 were hiding. We searched and got 9 of the 10 cats. They were inside couches, chairs, under beds, in basement rafters, etc; all completely terrified. We wanted to cause the least amount of stress so we arranged it so that they could go directly to Seneca Animal Hospital. All nine received exams, FIV/FeLV combo testing and rabies vaccines. They were all in pretty good heath other than 6 of them needing dental work.

Norman was one of the ones needing dental work done immediately! When at his initial appt 1/3/13 Dr. T was able to lightly pull one of his canines right out! It was so swollen and very painful that Dr. T said he will immediately feel some relief but still needed to get a full dental done to prevent this from happening to other teeth. He went in to Seneca 1/9/13 and had his teeth scaled and polished. His gums were badly inflamed and his teeth had thick plaque build up. Now he is no longer hurting and much happier! Please help us cover the cost of his dental care...without this essential surgery he could have died from infections or starved if the pain became too great to eat. Every penny helps!