Nugget, a sweet and loving one year old Lab mix who came to our rescue group from a kill shelter. We recently had him neutered, but noticed that he wasn't acting right afterward. He was just laying there sad and had developed a cough. His foster mom took him to Brighton Eggert Animal Hospital where they performed some testing on him. One of his tests was a Heart Worm test. Unfortunately the test came back positive. They said that it was important to have him treated immediately. He went to the Vet a couple of days later, but couldn't be treated because he was not healthy enough.

Dr. Mahoney liked Nugget and said that she would take him home to care for him. She said that if her current dogs liked him that she would adopt and cover all of his medical expenses. We were so appreciative and happy that he had this chance at a great life! He went home with Dr. Mahoney over the weekend and during that time he had a seizure that he didn't come out of and had to be put down. She told us that not only was he HW positive but that he also had distemper. Distemper virus can affect many systems of the body. The most common signs are nasal and eye discharge, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, fever that may come and go, and seizures.

We just want to take time now to thank Dr. Mahoney, Brighton Eggert Animal Clinic, and staff for treating Nugget. As well as his foster parents Stacey and Joe. They did an excellent job at trying to keep him alive and to get him healthy. Dr. Mahoney covered all expenses except for the neuter that we paid which was $85.00 as well as the group burial which was $54.00. Our rescue group paid a total of $139.00 for his care. Even though Nugget has passed, we still need help covering his expenses. Please donate towards his memory....Thank you!