Old Boy

We took in Old Boy from PA knowing that he probably didn't have a great chance of getting adopted due to his age. He is a very loving and sweet Lab mix that gets along with everyone! He is a true lover boy. We took him to the Vet for a heart worm test which unfortunately came back HIGH POSITIVE for heart worms. The issue we are having right now is that he is too skinny and weak to go through this treatment. We also did a fecal on him that came back positive for hook and whip worms. We wanted to make sure that he didn't have any other issues going on so we had blood work done.

The blood work came back normal and we were told that once he gains weight that he could go through with the treatment. He was given Doxycyline, Glyco Flex to help with arthritis, and dewormer. Old boy has been taking his medications for 3 month's now and would be ready for his treatment, except that the medicine used to kill heart worms is not available. The company is not producing it therefore nobody in the U.S. can get it.

Luckily he's in a loving foster home where he is being well cared for. He has a kitty friend and he gets free roam of the house. As you can see, he loves laying on the bed. We are hopeful that we can get the medication soon so that he can be treated and on his way to recovery. The vet visit, blood work, medication, heart worm test, and fecal test all came to $312.00. Don't let Old boy suffer, we need to find the medicine somewhere and we need to treat him as soon as possible. The following day we had to pick up more Doxycline, prednisone, and Interceptor. This bill came to $74 making the total $387.00. Please help out this great dog by sending your support. Any amount is appreciated.